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We are proud to introduce Vigor Plus product line, which includes Vinyl, Solvent-Free PU, Silicone, and TPE Leather and coated fabrics. Each material has unique characteristics and advantages, suitable for applications in decoration, automotive, and marine industries.

Vinyl: Our Vinyl decorative material combines strong polyester fibers with a PVC and plasticizer coating, providing a durable and waterproof surface. It is easy to clean and maintain, making it highly suitable for environments with high cleanliness requirements. More information about vinyl upholstery can be found here.

Silicone Leather: Our silicone leather does not require the addition of flame retardant additives to possess flame resistance. In addition to being waterproof, heat-resistant, and having a soft and smooth texture, it also has flame resistance, making it suitable for various environments. More information about silicon leather can be found here.

TPE Leather: Our TPE leather is recyclable and produced using a clean manufacturing process. It is an environmentally friendly choice, with characteristics such as softness, elasticity, and tear resistance. By using TPE leather, we can reduce resource consumption and minimize our impact on the environment. More information about TPE Leather can be found here.

Furthermore, Vigor Plus is committed to making the best possible efforts to use recycled and bio-based materials to reduce our carbon footprint. We strive to promote sustainable development by creating innovative products and adopting environmentally friendly production methods, aiming to create a better environment for the future.

Please note that the material characteristics and advantages mentioned above are general descriptions, and specific applications and performance may vary depending on material quality and manufacturing processes. It is recommended to consult Vigor Plus produce specialist for more detailed and specific information before making material selections.

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