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Our color has no limits

In VigorPlus, we have standard colors for each collection, we also provide unlimited colors according to customer needs. 

Vigor Plus is devoted to providing flexible solutions to our customers supplying high-quality upholstery materials, vinyl, coated fabrics in many different designs and colors.

Our design has no limits

VigorPlus has  allianced with one Embossing Roller Manufacturer, one Release Paper Manufacturer and one Degital Printing  Manufacturer, we can offer unlimited Texture;


Various color combination includes: Transfer roller printing, Degital printging, Transfer paper. 


​Along with texture, colors and printings, we apply lamination, punching, honing etc.

In VigorPlus, we are always in the search on Cross border development.


Variety of production processes

The verious polymers are in forms of Powder, Pellets and Liquid. 

We use different production line for different material forms, composition, function, texture, softness etc.


In VigorPlus, we use Calendar, Release Paper Casting, Extrusion Tdie and Lamination. 

High performance materials

Different Polymers and additives give materials a variety of properties, we also mix to modify Polymers based on cost and performance.

Our design team always follow the latest fabrics from our suppliers and market, for function, handfeeling and stories.


Complete testing facilities

Our Testing center has the most instruments for ASTM testing method.

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